Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year yet again. After a long winter, the glorious SUN!!!! comes out in Oregon. Oregonians (briefly) hang up our heavy raincoats. We open our windows, hunt for our gardening tools in the garage, and break out our shorts and t-shirts.
And then we realize- it’s spring cleaning time!
From scrubbing baseboards to turning over your mattress, spring cleaning can be a big project. It’s totally normal to accumulate some extra items, some branches in the yard, and put holes in your well-worn clothes in the winter months. One of the best things to do during spring cleaning is to declutter. We recommend going through your home, garage, closet, and yard to declutter and minimize your possessions.

Our crew at G.I. Junk Removal would love to help you with some of the heavy lifting. We will come to you on your own time to remove those extra items to clear up space in your home and your life.

We give you more time for you to get outside and soak up those rays!?

Give us a call or shoot us a text at 971-444-5364 for a free quote today.

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