G.I. Junk Removal is a Shame Free Zone

Getting rid of things isn’t always an easy process. Whether you are downsizing, removing items after a loved one’s passing, cleaning up after a messy tenant, or taking care of the aftermath of a hoarding experience- the removal of unwanted items may bring up a lot of uncomfortable feelings. These feelings can include grief, sadness, anger, and shame.

The things in our lives may hold a lot of emotional and psychological value. As humans, we all experience these connections to materials around us to some degree or another. Some people have a much harder time letting go of things than others, but they are no less deserving of peaceful living space.

The New York Times provides in an article that the “American Psychiatric Association estimates that 2 to 5 percent of the population could be classified as compulsive hoarders, people who suffer from a disorder that impedes their ability to discard things, regardless of value.”

Hoarding and other similar situations can be difficult to address on your own. Regardless of the reason you need help getting rid of unwanted items- G.I. Junk Removal is a shame-free zone. We do not judge our clients- no matter the reason or the state of the property.

We strongly believe in having a compassionate approach. We are here to help, no matter what you have experienced. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us.
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