Hiring Veterans is not an act of Charity

While it does feel great to honor our nation’s heroes and help them succeed, it also just makes good business sense to recruit, hire, and retain employees with military experience. Vets bring invaluable knowledge, skills, and abilities to the table that empower companies to be successful.

Here are just a few of the reasons we choose to hire veterans and encourage every business to do the same.

Team Players
Military members work with individuals from all walks of life on a daily basis, having to set aside personal differences for the greater good of the team. It’s all too common for businesses to struggle with employees that don’t work well together or strive for individual attention, so the ability to move above and beyond that is a huge asset. Adaptability
Whether it’s moving to a different location every few years or changing jobs completely, servicemen and women have to quickly learn a new set of skills or processes in a short amount of time with the success of the group depending on them doing so. This adaptability can only benefit a business as plans often change while the need to succeed does not.Leadership
Assignments change rapidly in the military, especially during combat. It is very common for servicemen and women to step into leadership roles well above their experience level. It’s up to the individual to take charge of the new assignment and perform it to the best of his or her ability for the success of their team. It’s this versatility that allows a veteran to know when to follow orders as part of a group and when to take initiative as a leader that makes them a great employee.Perseverance
The adversity starts on day one at boot camp and follows veterans through the rest of their military careers. Veterans are very accustomed to being knocked down, dusting themselves off, and trying again. Because no matter how difficult the road is, the mission still has to be accomplished. All business will have difficult times that knock everybody down. The difference between businesses that succeed and those that don’t are the ones with team members willing to get back up and keep going.
When veterans leave the military, they are often in search of a company that can challenge them and give them purpose the way the military did. They are driven to serve and are simply looking for an opportunity to do so. Hiring veterans is not an act of charity. The real world experience they gain in the military is unparalleled to most civilians and can bring tremendous value to any business.

At G.I. Junk Removal, we are on a mission to provide exceptional service and peace of mind to our customers, and the veterans and current service members that we employ serve as our greatest asset in delivering on that mission in our community every day.

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