Simple Ways Everyone Can Support Veterans

The bravery of men and women who serve in the armed forces is acknowledged on holidays such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day. However, have you ever wondered how you could show your respect on a more individual level? No matter what time of year it is, you can show veterans that you care about them and are forever grateful for their service. Here are some simple actions you can take in support of veterans.

Send Letters

You can get in touch with veterans from all over through special mail services. There are websites that help you with sending letters and cards to those who’ve served our country. Even if you don’t know the veterans personally, you can still show your gratitude by telling them that you are forever thankful for their service. You might even be able to start an active correspondence with them.

Donate to Worthy Causes

Giving money to veterans is a great way to show that you care about them. Many service members end up in legal battles that can be costly to pursue. There are also veterans who struggle with things like mental health and finding housing. You can make more of a difference than you realize. Be an advocate for veterans by giving them money whenever you can. This can also inspire others to follow your example and show their support for veterans.

Support Veteran-Owned Business

After their time in the service, many veterans look to starting their own businesses. You should make a point of looking for as many veteran-owned businesses as possible. Some of these could be retail stores or restaurants. There might also be online businesses that you can order from, even if you don’t live anywhere near their headquarters. You can also ask these proprietors about other veteran-owned businesses they’d recommend you support. Veterans returning to civilian life don’t want to see their ambitions go unmet. Being able to get a business off the ground can be a huge boost to their morale. If you know any veterans who are trying to start their own business, see what you can do to help. You might be able to provide them with a loan or give them some advice from your own experience running a business.

Veterans are viewed as such heroes that it can sometimes feel like you’ve got to pull out all the stops in order to show them the proper appreciation. However, just making an honest effort is more than enough. You can put a smile on a veteran’s face through any of these methods.

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