How to Prepare for an Estate Sale

Planning for an estate sale can be an intimidating task, and the emotional value we place on items can leave us feeling underprepared, overwhelmed, and sometimes re-experiencing loss. However, there are things you can do to lessen the stress and remove some of the challenges.

1. Remove What You Want to Keep 

Make absolutely sure that items that hold sentimental value or that you want to keep for posterity are out of view of potential buyers. Remove important documents, remove photographs, and lock them away in an area that potential buyers will not be able to enter.

2. Utilize Labels — For EVERYTHING! 

Label not only the items for sale and their price, but the things you plan to toss, donate, and keep. Make sure that sale prices are visible and clear to your buyers, and if you cannot remove any items out of the vicinity, make sure to clearly label anything that is absolutely not up for sale (or discussion!)

3. Group Like-Minded Items Together
Keep linens grouped with other linens, and dishes and china displayed together. This can help buyers move through your home or sale area quickly, and even find what they may be on the hunt for even better to help promote sales. Prevent your potential buyers from having to do too much “digging” through clothing or stackable items.

4. Market and Advertise

It’s important that after all of the work in planning your sale, you properly market and advertise your sale. Not only should you make clear and visible signs and posters and hang them in the immediate area, but you should also advertise in your local papers, and websites like Estate Sale Finder, Find Estate Sales, and even social media can help spread the word and get you in front of the most amount of potential buyers.

5. Clean Up!
Hopefully, your sale is a great success and you find that you are able to clear out many items. But if you have items left over, create two piles to donate or throw away (to reduce waste, try to donate as much as you can!) You can call us to dispose of any items you don’t manage to sell, and hopefully are left with a clear space, treasured keepsakes and peace of mind. 

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