Dignified Burials of Forgotten Heroes

We were hired by a realtor to complete a full estate clean-out in the home of a deceased Veteran. We had clear instructions that no one would be collecting anything from the home. Inside we found an urn with the man’s ashes by a folded flag.

We were shocked. Who was this man who had served this country? How did his ashes come to be left behind? We had no answers, but we knew what we needed to do.

Our crew sought out his military paperwork. After getting the necessary information, we took him and his documents on a final journey to Willamette National Cemetery. They ensured that he was appropriately honored. This forgotten hero has remained in our thoughts and hearts.
No Veteran deserves to be left behind, and it won’t happen on our watch.

Dignified Burials of Veterans and the Law

In 2012 the United States Congress passed the Dignified Burial of Veterans Act. A summary of the act from Congress’s website reads:

“…the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to furnish a casket or urn of sufficient quality for a dignified burial for the burial in a national cemetery of a deceased Veteran with no next of kin, or other person claiming the body of the deceased Veteran, and who is without sufficient resources to cover burial and funeral expense.”

This law guarantees that Veterans are given the respect that they deserve even after their death.

Lost But Not Forgotten

Those who have served deserve an honorable burial that is in line with the sacrifices they have made to ensure that the country remains safe. Our business is built on the premise that Veterans have made significant contributions to our community through their service. We would never allow a fallen soldier to receive anything less than a dignified burial.

After originally sharing this story on social media, we received all of your kind responses to our crew. We had 3 Veterans and 1 Oregon National Guardsman on that job. They wouldn’t have allowed any other outcome besides giving the Veteran a dignified burial. It’s what makes us proud to hire them, and confident that they will do the right thing.

We will continue to support Veterans and make sure that they have a place in business. It’s the G.I. Junk Removal way.

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