Appliance Removal Tips

Removing appliances can be tricky. Often they are bulky, and you can end up seriously hurting yourself if you remove them incorrectly! Furthermore, many appliances can’t simply be dropped off at a landfill due to local and national regulations for their disposal. Indeed, there are stiff penalties for disposing of appliances illegally.

With that being said, it pays to take the time to dispose of your old appliances the right way.

Read on to learn some best practices for your next appliance removal project:

Do Your Research: Before you start to remove an old appliance, make sure you understand the law when it comes to appliance disposal in your area. Doing so can literally save you thousands of dollars in potential fines! If you live in Portland, you can check out the metro site’s list of common household hazardous waste. They also have a tool you can use to find a safe disposal site close to your home. Finally, the EPA has a program called the Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD), which has some great information and resources as well.

Make a Plan: There’s nothing more frustrating than gathering some buddies to help you remove an appliance only to realize that you’re missing equipment, or you aren’t going to be able to fit the appliance through a doorframe. To prevent a situation like this, it pays to take the time to make a plan. Walk through the steps you plan to take to remove your appliance beforehand. If you have a large appliance, take measurements in doorways and consider different route options. Also, take the time to think about any equipment you might need. Doing so will save you time and frustration!

Get the Right Equipment and People: Depending on the type of appliance you’re trying to remove, you might need to rent or buy some equipment. A hand cart can be especially useful for larger appliances. If you need to move an appliance up or down a set of stairs, it could be worthwhile to pick up a stair climbing cart as well. Straps to secure your appliance, drop cloths to protect your floors, and a trailer to transport your appliance to the disposal site might all be necessary too. Finally, depending on the size of your appliance, you might need a few extra hands. So reach out to some friends if you think you’ll need some help!

Prep the Area: Before you start to remove your appliance, you need to clear out a path. To stay safe and prevent tripping hazards, make sure to clear away loose rugs, cords, and anything else that could trip you up. Also, take the time to remove anything that is fragile or could be damaged by an accidental fall or slip. Your old appliance is probably enough of an eyesore already – you don’t want to scratch up your floor or break a lamp as well!

Remove the Appliance Safely: Once you have everything in place, it’s time to get to work! But before you rush into anything, take a minute to consider safety. To prevent injury, make sure you understand and practice safe lifting techniques. If you’re using any type of equipment, take the time to understand how to operate it safely as well. Talk to anyone else who’s helping you remove the appliance about safety too – nothing will stop an appliance removal faster than an injured friend! Finally, ensure that you secure and transport the appliance carefully, and dispose of it legally.

Does your appliance removal job seem a little too daunting to handle alone? Give us a call at G.I. Junk today! Our expert team of Veterans can haul away even the bulkiest appliances without damaging your home. We’re committed to environmentally sound disposal practices, so when you hire us you can be confident your appliance will be disposed of legally and safely!

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