4 Tips for Cleaning Out and Organizing Your Garage

A cluttered garage isn’t always inviting to enter. Homeowners may lock the door on the garage and cringe when the time comes to go inside to dig something out. At some point, you need to do what you’ve been putting off. The garage requires a serious cleanup. Doing the job does require some careful thought and proper planning. After all, you want the garage cleaned out timely and thoroughly. To help your cause, here are some tips to consider:

Stop Adding to the Mess

The garage became cluttered because the interior turned into a dumping ground for all sorts of things. Putting belongings in the garage does make sense since it works well for storage. Going too far with the storage process creates a disaster situation, though. Stop contributing to the problem. The time has come to take things out of the garage and not to add to it. Maybe think about investing in storage space and giving your garage a break.

Store Up

The presence of cabinets and workspaces do provide places to place belongings into drawers and out of the way. Garage furniture does take up space when placed on the floor. Maybe a change in interior decor is in order. Installing overhead and wall cabinets clears the floor and maximizes the use of garage space. Tools and other storage can be organized and hung on the walls and ceiling. Once all those things are out of the way, the clutter diminishes.

Call Local Thrift Stores

Did you know you may be able to take a charitable donation by giving away old furniture and other belongings? Giving things to a particular thrift store could constitute a legitimate tax deduction. Finding local thrift stores is easier than ever. Check out the websites of local thrift shops to see if they are viable for the donations. Even if they aren’t, the shops represent a decent way to eliminate unwanted items. Many shops will go to your location and pick up the items. Be mindful that they usually only take things in good condition.

Consider Professional Junk Removal Services

Hauling all that unwanted, bulky junk out of your garage won’t be easy. Do you own a truck capable of hauling it? For that matter, do you know where to take the discarded belongings? Maybe paying a junk hauler to take things away would be the better plan. A junk removal company can send a crew that will empty the garage in no time. And you won’t expend any effort.

As said before, no one likes a messy garage, and so finding a solution to your garage’s mess is of top priority. With the proper planning and dedication, you’ll be able to figure out your next move soon.  This way, you can reclaim some precious space in your beloved garage so you can use it for much more than just a place to put your unwanted things.0

Got Junk?

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